Roots and Wings was founded in 1982 by a group of parents seeking quality, full-day, affordable care for their young children. Roots and Wings relies on the cooperative work of parents and staff to create a healthy, creative, family-centered environment in which our children can grow.
Roots and Wings fosters a warm and thoughtful atmosphere in what may be children’s first familiar environment outside of home. In an intimate setting with a generous ratio of adults to children, teachers nurture individual enthusiasms and needs. Teachers help children play by themselves and with others, and support those who are ready in participating in whole-group activities. As children’s awareness of their peers grows, so too may a dawning sense of the challenges and rewards of getting along together.

Roots and Wings promotes caring, non-coercive learning to help children along their way through toddlerhood, emphasizing:

Learning Skills: Children are encouraged to
become more aware of their own emotions and how to express them.
Communication: Children are encouraged to communicate verbally and nonverbally, growing in
their ability to make themselves understood and to understand others.
Motor Skills: Children get to practice gross and fine
motor skills, embrace physical challenges, and move toward managing risks.
Failure and Success: Children are helped to negotiate setbacks confidently.

Teachers’ mindfulness and dedication assist children in moving forward in these areas, enabling all Roots and Wings kids to gain in self-confidence and take pleasure in who they are and what they can do.